Tuesday, 070114

A. 400m – TT (track for those who can make this possible)
rest / recover
B. 800m Run x 4 @80%; rest 1 min between ; sustainability important with these
C. Weighted Strict Pullups think 6-10 rep grinder sets , max weight to do this x 4; rest 3 minutes 

A1. Deficit Power Clean Complex – Power Clean x 1 + Low Hang (just off floor) x 2; build to max in this. 
*So, power clean, then lower the bar through the eccentric motion to about 2 inches off the ground, then clean again, repeat that clean x 2. Once you clean the first time, the bar won’t touch the floor again. 
A2. Drop – long Jump (24/20) x 2; rest 2-3 min ; repeat with sets above 
B. 4-5 rds ; sustainable numbers are key here. 
200m Run 
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/93)
40 Double Unders 
10 Shoulder to OH
12 T2B
15 tng Box Jumps
rest 5 minutes between 
C. SA DB Rows 8-10 reps; rest :30 between arms; ascending in weight 

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