Month: June 2014

Friday, 060614

Chase Those following programming from other affiliates, home etc. Please submit pictures and video for the blog.  bp @ crossfitfree . com    Reminder: this Saturday starts our Saturday 10a Competitors Training. EVERYONE is welcome on Saturdays at 10a. Join us!  A. Power Snatch – Triple; NOT TnGB. Power Clean + Push Jerk  – build …

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Tuesday, 060314

Mike SzelaExcited to have him coming to CrossFit Free for the Athlete Camp we are hosting in August A. Power Clean High Blocks (above knee) – 2×3@75, 2×3@80, 2×3 ascending from prior*target %’s. If above knee from blocks is issue with your pull, adjust accordingly B. Jerk – triples and doubles at lower %; work footwork …

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Monday, 060214

Congrats to Brooks on his 9th place finish in the North East Regionals ! A. Back SqT – w/ resistance; chains or bands @41X1; build to 3RM *note resistance type and set upB. Snatch Balance + Snatch + OHS; build to max C. 20-15-10-5Strict HSPU (deficit for those can (minor), or to standard height)with 400m in between …

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