Month: June 2014

Tuesday, 061714

Lynn – EMOM Fun 1st Session: A. Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Below Knee Hang Power Clean + TnG Power Clean; build to max B. Bounding Course: 4-5 Jumps; Height variations ; hit max height on your course. Record heights perC. 10 Legless Rope Climbs – AFAP – 15’D. 7 min Row @Z12nd: A. Snatch Grip Deadlift …

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Sat ,061414

A. Push Press – build to heavy single in 12 minutesB. build to heavy 10 rep TnG Behind the Neck Push Press – in 10 minutes * position key here, weight not most important ; get comfortable with weight coming back down to your back rack C. Clean Ladder ; 5 bar lateral burpees before each rep; …

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Wed, 061114

Will be soon switching over to   Full Programming will be updated daily on the site, along with many other options for athletes/clients. Thanx to everyone who has supported the growth along the way. Announcements coming soon!  ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY 

Tuesday, 061014

Join us every Saturday at CrossFit Free; 10am. All Program Design and competition athletes are welcome. Throw down weekly and get together with like minded athletes. Join us!  1; A1. CG Deadlift; build to heavy double with 3 positional pause (2 seconds each position) 1. Off floor 2. below knee 3. mid thigh ; rest none A2. …

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Sat, 060714

Amy A. Snatch – built to heavy single rest 10 min B. Snatch – 8 min @90% Test  C. EMOM x (x) – til max minutes 70m Row 5 Thrusters (115/83)3 bar lateral burpees D. EMOM x 14-20Odd: Weakness Even: Weakness *summarize based on room for Comp Training at CFF E. Lower Back Emphasis – Strength Sets; low volume