Tuesday, 062414

Session + Rowing
A. Deficit Power Clean ; 5 x 3; NOT TnG @78-83% – (2-4’ def) 
B1. Rack Pull; heavy here. Straps allowed. 
*if new to these, do NOT Max out. work these in a few times prior. 
B2: Standing High Box Jumps 1/2/1 format ; super set with each rack pull here
5 Strict Muscle ups
200m Run 
4 Strict Muscle Ups
200m Run 
3 Strict Muscle Ups
200m Run 
2 Strict Muscle Ups
200m Run 
1 Strict Muscle Up
200m Run 
3 Muscle Ups
200m Run 
5 Muscle Ups
200m Run
7 Muscle Ups
200m Run
9 Muscle Ups
200m run

***For Females not pefrorming Strict MU’s at higher reps
Perform Muscle Ups for the first one and C2B on the 2nd round of muscle ups climbing back up. Different rep scheme ; per athletes performing together for the competitiveness of it.  Ex: 5-10-15-20
****Those without muscle ups; sub in rep schemes of Strict Pullups / Ring Dips / C2B / Ring dips etc 

Rowing Work: another time of day is possible 
500m x 8 @:20 slower than your max 500m Row (approx); rest :2:30 between

Assistance Work: 
A. DB Side Flies; working delta and upper back; 5 sets of 10-15 reps; ascending in weight
B. DB SA Rows 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps here, focus on proper scap movement
C. 3×20 Weighted GHD Back Extensions or Reverse Hyper work for those who have 

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