Monday, 062314

Monday: week 2 day 1 
A. Snatch (Full) – 1@77 1@82 1@87 1@80 1@85 1@90 1@83 1@88 1@93

B. Back SqT CyCle 
1×10 @60
1×8 @65
1×6 @70
1×6 @75
1×6 @80
C. EMOM x 14 w/ weighted vest (specific to athlete for weight and those who can handle)
Odd: Pbar HSPU (-2)
Even: :45 Sprint on AB/AD – High Aerobic Effort; but sustain here 
D. Jerk Hold x :20 seconds; climb in weight here. 
*Split Jerk, make sure your feet are in perfect position, if not adjust them to, stick the landing and HOLD. Once you stick, clock starts. :20 hold overhead in the Split Jerk position. Key here is to make sure the upper back is tight, all muscles are in, shoulders are active and up. This will have a internal aspect (this is correct and where you should be!). HOLD for :20 then rack it. Perform 5 sets of this; ascending in weight. 

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