Thursday, 061214

A. EMOM x 16
Odd: 4 / 3 Muscle Ups *perfect position here. If need to lower number, fine, but think LONG, back and front and through. 
Even: 2 TnG Power Snatch’s ; ascending , starting at 70%. Don’t go above 75%. Complete pulls, speed, footwork, finish strong
B. Split Jerk – 10 min of work. hit some triples, double and singles. Max isn’t important today, SPEED is 
C. Bench Press – build to 3 rep max @31X1
D. 3×10 – speed sets with chains; weight relative to A and the athlete. SPEED is key 
E. KB / DB SA Row; LONG PULLs here. 4 sets of 8-10 heavy reps each arm; rest :30 between 

A. 500m Row x 6; rest 3 min minutes ; men :20 seconds slower than your max 500m Row. Woman :16-:18 slower than your max 500m Row
Building weekly on this and throughout the year. Mark your splits down on your blogs/books and keep track of your progress with aerobic work. This is very important 
B. Weighted Pullups (semi supinated if you have option) 5×5; ascending; rest 2 min 
C. 4 rds 
10 burpees
15 T2B 
18 OH Walking lunges  BB – 95/63
10 no push burpee box jump overs (20)
15 cal AB/AD
rest 1/1 between rounds  

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