Monday, 060914

1 or 2 sesions; athlete specific 

A. Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch + Snatch + OHS; build to max in 15 min 
B. Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk; build to max in 15 min 
***Variations of A&B should be SqT variations for those able to. Always SqT weightlifting movements unless otherwise noted. 
C. Back SqT –  build to 1RM here – will be using this # in future weeks 
D. Back SqT – drop sets. at Tempo of 30X0; few sets of 5 here, then few sets of 3 
*3 seconds down, 0 in the hole, explode up and 0 second pause at top. Open hips and instantly close them descending for the next 3 count.   Go through these sets fairly quickly, shorter rest. 
20 Power Cleans (135/93) 
10 Strict HSPU
15 Power Cleans (185/123)
15 Strict HSPU
10 Power Cleans (225/133)
20 Strict HSPU
F. 20 TGU – focused on position; stability ; alt between arms

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