Month: June 2014

Friday, 062714

A. Hang Snatch Pull 4×2 @100-105%; focusing on coming back down ; getting shoulders out in front of the bar for the proper position and finishing pull from there each repB.AB/AD:30 on HARD:30 on easy x 14-30 min depending of time per athlete C. 5 min of Core Work, low volume; D. 20 TGU; lighter weight, positional focus …

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Thursday, 062514

1st session: A. Back SqT Cycle1×10@601×8 @701×8 @751×8 @80B. Split Jerk – Work up to heavy TripleC1. DB Strict Press – in lunge position, single arm. Heavy 5-10 reps x 4 sets each side; no rest between arms, then no rest before C2. C2. Weighted GHD Situps 15-20 reps x 4 sets D. recovery Row 2nd session: A. MAP Training; …

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Saturday, 062114

Mickey, getting geared up for his workout! A. 10RM Front SqT – in 15 minutes or soB. Ind: 30 Clean & Jerk (155/108) (135/93)30 bar lateral burpees 30 T2B30 Cal Row  C. 10-15 of Weakness Specific Work  D. Team WOD- for those who are sticking around for a bit. Whiteboard at CFF