Monday, 051914

CFNE vs CFF – Team Training for 2014 Regionals

1-2 Sessions: 
Pre – or AM 
A. :25 sprint on AD x 5; rest 2:30 between 
B. OHS Tempo Work 
C. LIGHT TGU alt arms

A. Snatch – climb to heavy single in 12-15 minutes
B. Hang Clean + Jerk – build to heavy double (lower if possible on first jerk to go right to hang)
C. Back SqT – build to 5RM
21 Strict HSPU
21 KB SqT Cleans (53/35)
200m Run
15 Strict HSPU
15 KB SqT Cleans
400m Run 
9 Strict HSPU
9 KB SqT Cleans 
600m Run 

1 thought on “Monday, 051914”

  1. Did what I could. I think its just a sprained meniscus. Everything below was done basically with just my right leg, left leg did help with balancing.

    Snatch: 150lbs
    2RM Hang C+J: 185
    2RM Hang Clean: 225 1RM HC: 235
    5RM One Legged Squat: 115 (basically a backwards lunge)
    1RM Pistol: 60lbs

    50lb DB Power Cleans
    Double Unders (30,60,90)

    Blonyx is in the mail!

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