Saturday, 051714

Shiloh making the CF Maintsite Page!
A. top of every 3 minutes, run 400m @AE ; x 8 rds
B. OHS – build to 5 rep at 33X1 Tempo 
C. EMOM x 18
Odd: 3-5 Muscle Ups 
Even: :30 sprint on AD
D. 5 rds – climbing weight each round *weights below 
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squat 
5 Shoulder to Overhead 
E. :20 HS hold x 8; rest accordingly 

1 thought on “Saturday, 051714”

  1. A.) 400m on 3min: ave 1:24
    B.) 5RM OHS: 175lbs First time doing tempo squats (was is suppose to be 3 sec up/3 sec down?)
    C.)ODD MU: 5 unbroken every time. EVEN AD: Moderate 60-80% never really used
    D.)11:58…2 Rounds unbroken…Last 3 Rounds dropped after squats…I Suck at Squats
    E.) 20sec HS Hold EMOTM

    Tough Day.

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