Monday, 051214

For those interested in weekly layout for this Phase 

1-2 Sessions 
A. Snatch – 1.1.1 cluster ; build to max – rest :10 between reps 
B. Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk ; build to max 
C. Back SqT – 3.3.3 cluster ; rest :10 between reps; build to max 
D1. Strict HSPU 5-5-5-5; (deficit / weight – athlete specific); rest none
D2. Banded Shoulder Distraction :30 each side; rest 3 minutes 
E. EMOM x 10
odd: 12 calories on rower 
even: 15 of Wall Balls
F. 20 TGU – lighter side; focus on stability and positions 

*Snatch / Clean: these SHOULD be Squat versions of the movements. If, that is enormous weakness and the POWER version moves more weight, today is the day to do that. Now, that means the focus and priority needs to be on getting under barbells and improving on that. Late in week when we hit % work, you MUST SqT these if this is general issue for you. Beginning of the year….use this to improve your game and build! 

1 thought on “Monday, 051214”

  1. I want to follow this phase, but im not sure if i understand it. Can you explain it?

    For example: for monday: Weightlifting: Snatch + C&J max effort ( you want me to do: A. Snatch – 1.1.1 cluster; building to max?

    system: CP (what’s this?) also MAP

    When you want me to apply this 1-2 Sessions: A. Snatch – 1.1.1 cluster / B. Clean + Hang Clean / C. Back Sqt / etc, etc

    I see 2 Sessions in the weekly lay out (what that means?)

    Thanks a lot for you help

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