Month: March 2014

Saturday, 031514

Shiloh – working his weaknesses  Saturday:  A. Bench Press – build to heavy triple here B. DB Seated Strict Press: 5×5 ascending C. 10 rds of “cindy” @80% D. 10 min Row Recovery; loosen that back up.  E. Mobility. recover back 

Wed, 031214

Maddie A. 5×5 HSPU; strict . *if 5 strict is hard, lower. This is just to prep shoulders for this motionB. 500m Row x 5; rest 4 minutes @ pace (athlete specific) pmC. 25 min AD :30 @80%:30 coast

Tuesday, 031114

Amy Richardson – Congrats on her 33rd placing on Opens WOD 14.2 in the Northeast am: A. Back Squat – 3.2.1-  heavy in each, max isn’t the focus; just some volume with decent weight B 12 min amrap @80300m Row20 Double Unders10 cal ABB. Light TGU KB Work – 20 reps, alternating arms pm: @110%25 Thrusters (95/63)200m Row15 KB …

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