Month: January 2014

Friday, 013114

Noelle with the Stars A. 13.1 B. Front SqT – 3.3.3; rest :20, rest 3 – build to max  C. HS Hold on wall a stability focus – :20 holds x 5-8. Rest accordingly  D. DB SA Row 10 reps each side x 4  E. Band Scap Work

Wed, 012914

ECC A.Bench Press – build to heavy triple in 10-12 minutesB. 3 Positional Snatch Pull: Floor, below knee, mid thigh – build to 105-110%C. 3 rds10 DB Manmakers (35/25)12 OH Axle Walking Lunges – alt legs (115/85)D. 3×20 Weighted DB SitupsE. DB SA Row 6-8 reps per side x 4 sets each side

Monday, 012714

#teamredline – Current Superstar w/ the future of our sport  am:A. GHD Situps 3×20B. Accumulate 3 min of L-Sit HoldsC. Good Mornings 5×5; ascendingD.:30 on HARD:30 on easyx 12-18 min on Rowerpm:A. 10 rep – OHS – in 12 minutesB. 21-15-9Cal on Assault BikeC2B Pullups*rest between B&CC. 2k Row 150Double Unders 10 SqT Cleans @90%

Thurdsay, 012214

JP will be competing at ECC this weekend. Individual on Saturday. Cheer him on am:A. :30 second Sprint on Rowerx 8 ; rest 1:30 min betweenB. EMOM x 14Odd: 3-5 TnG Power Cleans (225/133)Even: 15′ HS Walkpm:A. Back Squat – 2.2.2 cluster ; build to max in complexB. “amanda”9-7-5Muscle UpsSqT Snatch’s (135/93)C. DB SA Row 10 …

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Wed, 012114

the future…. Rest / Recovery Day A. Mobility Focus – Attack the Thoracic and Ankles this week.  B. Long & Light; break sweat and hit positional mobility  C. Nutrition Preparation for rest of the week D. Line up your training partners for remainder of the week

Tuesday, 012114

am:5-7 of HS Practice+10 min of Core work+TGU and DB SA Row – 15-20 min of work here, strength setspm:A.15 KB SqT Clean (44/26)15 burpees15 KB SqT Cleans (53/35)15 burpees15 KB SqT Cleans (70/53)15 burpeesB. 2k Row 150 Double Unders100 Wall Balls