Month: November 2013

Thursday, 110713

Tory Gray am: A. Complex: Hang SqT Clean x 2 + Squat Clean + Jerk B. Front Squat – 2RMpm: AMRAP 10 @80-85%10 C2B pullups20 Cal ADrest 5AMRAP 10 @85-90%200m Run10 GHD Situps5 Burpeesrest 5AMRAP 10 @90-95%5 Muscle Ups10 SqT Cleans (95)20 Cal AD

Wed, 110613

Keep an eye out for launch of Kellie’s website,; diving into the womans weightlifting community and helping it grow! A. WLW – max out both lifts  for the night, not crazy volumeB. Recovery AD or Row Flush

Tuesday, 110513

am: A. Snatch Grip Deadlift – 5RM TnGB. #’d Ring Dips – 5RMC. :30 on HARD:30 on EASYx 12 min on AD+1 mile cool down runpm: A. Clean (185)Bar Lateral BurpeesB. 5 rds – unbroken sets20 Wall Balls10 T2B*rest accordingly to get all unbroken roundsC. 20 TGU- alternating sides