Month: October 2013

Tuesday, 102913

A. Power Clean -1rm rest 2 minB. 90% x 30 reps – 8 min capC. 1x MAX Wall Balls (20 to 10′ target)* rest accordingly between B & CD. TGU 20 alternating ARMsE. DB SA Row’s – get in some work hereF. 7 min recovery row @z1

Saturday, 102613

A1. #’d Pullups 4 x 5; rest :20A2. #’d  Deficit Pushups 8-10 reps x 5 sets ; rest 1 minB. For Time:1 mile Run +1 min on1 min off– accumulate 3k meters on Rower *set up intervals and write down each m following the minute+ 1 Mile RunC. 10-15 min of Gymnastics Skill Work + Core

Thursday, 102413

Recovery DayA1. Active Recovery; Foam Roll, ART, Thai YOGA massage, Yoga, stretch session etc. A2. Line up NutritionA3. Line up Training for the rest of the weekA4. Active movement, low volume / low intensity. Play a sport or some technique work in the gym. Keep the body lose and ready for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 102213

Dec 7th – American Opens – it’s coming! A. Thruster – 1RM for day B. Front Squat – EMOM climb by 10-20#, starting at 185/123 – approaching max, can take smaller jumpsC. AFAP Thrusters 135/93 Muscle Ups (females. or pm session – depending on athlete A. :30 on @90:30 on @60x 10 min on ADRun 1 …

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Monday, 102113

This past weekend was an amazing weekend for #PBP athletes who competed at the Milford Garage Games + those competing at their weightlifting meet.   Full results will be posted tomorrow and stay tuned for some camera shots!  Congrats to all!Monday: – Rest Recovery. Training picks back up tomorrow.