Month: September 2013

Sat, 092913

A1. #’d Pullups 7×3, rest :45A2. #’d Ring Dips 7×3, rest 2:30-3 minB. MAP @80-85%AMRAP 16400m Run40 Cal AD4 Strict HSPU – Deficit rest 5 minAMRAP 16Row 400m40 Cal AD4 Bar Muscle Ups+10-15 min of Gymnastics Weakness 

Friday, 092713

*Competitors Training tonight, Route 1 CrossFit; approx 6p. We are meeting at CFF @ 5:30p and carpooling. All are welcome A. Power Snatch – TnG 3RMB. Snatch High  Pull 3×3 @105% of your 1RMC. 2 min on clock25 Calories ADmax burpeesrest 8 min x 4

Wed, 09252013

Poor Chase A1. Active Recovery; Foam Roll, ART, Thai YOGA massage, Yoga, stretch session etc.  A2. Line up Nutrition A3. Line up Training for the rest of the week A4. Active movement, low volume / low intensity. Play a sport or some technique work in the gym. Keep the body lose and ready for tomorrow!

Tuesday, 092413

CFF Comp shirts for our 5 Teams heading to CF Milford in October am:A.:30 on @90:30 on @60x 12+@80-85%800m Run100 Double Unders800m Run+Farmers Walks – Distance + heavy pm:A. Power Clean + Push Jerk + Split JerkB. MAP Training 80-85%AMRAP 8 10 Pullups10 Box Jumps (24/20) – step downrest 4AMRAP 8Row 250m10 GHD Situps10 KB Swings …

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Monday, 092313 – coming soon! A. 5RM TnG SqT Clean (Those attending Milford Garage Games; time these)B. Front Squat – 1RM Single @33X1C. (135/93) UpsC. Accumulate 3 min of L-Sit WorkD. Recovery / Cool Down