Wed, 06122013

CFF taking 1st, 3rd,4th and 5th at this past weekends Comp at 2a
Loose all “thoughts” on where your ceiling is.  Let go of limitations, and hesitations.  Embrace the struggle of progress and develop into an athlete that you never envisioned.  The path lies ahead of you, the struggle presents itself each day.  Those who don’t doubt their abilities and embrace the struggle with constant progression will become great in their sport.” – J. Leydon
A. 10 min to climb to HEAVY Single OHS.  
^ starting with empty barbell.  
B. At 10 min mark, go into 5 min to hit Heavy Triple OHS 
^ all from Rack
Rest 5-10 min
15 KB SqT Cleans (44/26)
15 KB SqT Cleans (53/35)
15 KB SqT Cleans (70/53)
^ 2 KB’s, 1 per hand. Must touch floor each time. 
Rest 10 min
D. EMOM x 8
Odd: # Pull-ups x 3 rep
Even: 6-8 T2B
E. 7 min Recovery Row @Z1 
Individual Stuff for CFF Competitors will be messaged. 

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