Sat, 04272013

Session 1:

Cauley Stadium Track, Lowell MA.
Meeting at Gym at 7am

Teams of 2 – Same Gender

A. Skills : Long Jump, Triple Jump, Throw Drills, Throwing
B. Team WOD : Separate SCORES
200m Walking Lunges (135/93)

^ 1 person walking lunges. 1 doing Burpees. 2 scores. Time to complete 200m Walking Lunge is one score. Total amount of Burpees is another. Bar can be positioned however you want.

C. Team Relayed Suicides


A. 20 Min for Team of 4 to establish

Max 3RM Back Squat
Max Pull-ups (in 3 attempts per person)

^ 1 barbell. 1 pull-up station. 1 set of each plate weights.

B. 10 min Cool Down Row @ Z5

C. Mobility & Recovery

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