Wed, 04172013

Competitors heading to Weightlifting Wed. That is fine, but that comes last. Separate sessions be ideal. And ONLY singles at WLW!

A. Bench Press – Doubles
B. Individual Strength Work
^ have 20 min for Above. Warm up and then start clock.

C. Rear Band Scap Squeezes 3×20

D. CP – Breathing
15 x OHS (75/53)
Row 200m
15 x OHS (105/73)
Row 200m
15 x OHS (135/93)
Row 200m
15 x OHS (165/113)
Row 200m
15 x OHS (195/133)
Etc. . . Keep climbing if get that far

D. EMOM: x 14 + 6-10 minutes of added individual weakness minute.
Odd: Pull-ups (C2B)
Even: HSPU (deficit and strict).
***C2B – men, strict while can, smaller kip. Make kip bigger when u need to. Treat this as strength.

E. GHD Back Ext 4×20 , resting in between.
F. 7 min recovery AD – Z1
G. 10 min Recovery Mobility

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