Tuesday, 04162013

Tuesday :

A. 10RM TnG Squat clean (10min)
Rest 5
B. 1RM FS for day @20X1 (10min)
Rest 5
C. Snatch Grip DL 4×2 ascending @21X1 (10min)
D. L-Sit – accumulate 2 min, DB on floor
200m Run
50 Wall Balls (20/14) to 10′
400m Run
50 Pull-ups
200m Run

F. Add In Weakness Training

*Strength Based. Volume additions will be tomorrow in format of EMOM: Odd vs Even etc.

Lynn – Snatch Pull + Clean Pulls – heavy, low volume.
Kellie – Row Intervals :20 on :20 Off @Z5
Lindsey – adding in from Wed
Danielle – Pendlay Rows / DB Rows / Dips
Chase – Overhead Squats / :20 on :20 Off – rower @Z5
Jordan – Clean Pull, followed by no more than 3 heavy sets of Deads. Singles today.

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