• I can't tell you how thankful I am to have been introduced to Brandon. As my personal coach, he has been incredibly direct in attacking my weaknesses in order to make me a more well-rounded athlete. I've seen dramatic improvements since following BP's custom programming. It stems from his exceptional knowledge of the different energy systems and how and when to appropriately load each. I continually surprise myself with various gains in areas I would not expect. The future looks bright, my goals are lofty, and I am looking forward to reaching them with the help from Brandon. What's more, is the natural friendship we've built while working together. He takes the time to genuinely get to know you as a person, takes an interest in and weighs what's going on in your personal life when programming for you, and desperately WANTS to get you to where you want to be. BP is a down-to-Earth, awesome dude who speaks his mind. You kind of have to love that about him. He'll fight for you until the end!

    Brooks Farrar ,2014 NorthEast Regionals Individual Competitor
    Brooks Farrar ,2014 NorthEast Regionals Individual Competitor CrossFit Resilience
  • Why do I like working with Brandon as a coach? Thats a tough question because I would have to say, that answer has not changed but grown over time. Hands down Brandon is a great coach and I believe that speaks for itself. In my eyes there is one specific characteristic Brandon has that stands out and can be almost hated but most appreciated at the same time and thats his honesty. Of course as human beings we hate to hear the honest truth, especially when it includes our flows or weaknesses but in this sport its what we need to hear most of all. Brandon’s honesty is followed by his passion to see his athletes succeed. He truly cares about his athletes and their performance, he shows that time in and time out with the sacrifices he makes in his life. Brandon has no limits with his coaching, he is willing to do what is needed, whether that is coming in early, staying late, or even traveling to help you as an athlete to succeed and grow. I guess when it comes down to it, we all like to hear “great job”, “keep it up” but for me personally I would prefer to know what I can improve in to succeed in this sport. I know Brandon will be the first one to call me out or tell me what needs work but I also know Brandon will be the first one to dedicate his time to turn my weaknesses into my strengths.

    Chase Smith, 2014 NorthEast Regionals Team Competitor
    Chase Smith, 2014 NorthEast Regionals Team Competitor CrossFit Free
  • I have had the pleasure of training with Brandon for a very short time. Although it does not seem like a long enough time to tell a person’s character, I was surprised to find out as much as I have! Brandon is a man who will help you reach above and beyond your expectations and who will stop at nothing to help you achieve your dreams. More importantly, Brandon sets an example by the hard work and dedication he puts in every day towards achieving his dreams. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to work with Brandon. He is always available and always pushes me to be my best. He is the type of person that breeds success!

    Tasia Percevecz
    Tasia Percevecz CrossFit Free
  • I’ve met with Brandon on several occasions to discus various topics related to improving the product that I offer. Our meetings have always been professional and to the point, to say the least. One area that we’ve really focused on is tightening up my programming. When I decided that it was the time to take the next step we met to go over the details; I am now proud to offer comprehensive, goal based programming to our members. This allows our members and potential members more options to create a solid foundation for their experience to grow upon. We have experienced almost immediate results. Brandon is constantly reaching out to make sure things are going well, offer additional advice and cover follow up questions. His response time is great, if I reach out he responds within hours. Something I respect because I know how busy we all get. I highly recommend taking advantage of his specialties and making not only yourself better but your members better.

    Todd Ford
    Todd Ford CrossFit 603
  • We opened our CrossFit gym in January of 2011. Like many CrossFit gyms out there we experienced explosive growth throughout that first year. Most of our members were new to CrossFit, and as a result our programing catered to a more inexperienced community. As we continued to grow and our members became better athletes and competitors, it became clear we needed to take our programming to the next level. We began architecting our program design to cater to different levels of athletes (beginner to advanced) as well as a greater emphasis on Strength Training, Olympic Lifting and building work capacity. During this process it was critical for us to be able to reach out to fellow affiliates to learn from their experience and knowledge in these areas. Brandon Peterson’s competitive experience and the clear success his athletes have had both in a competitive environment as well as overall strength and skill made him a great sounding board. He understands the needs of the community as a whole, from those new to CrossFit and those who are training to make the Games. We were able to set up numerous one on one meetings to discuss and share our training philosophies. Brandon was instrumental in helping us clearly define and architect our programming to meet these new goals. The results speak for themselves! We have enjoyed the extra time and effort he has put into helping us, and the friendship we have formed as fellow affiliates.

    Susanne Duato
    Susanne Duato CrossFit 110
  • My name is Mike Abgarian. I have been on the CrossFit scene since late 2010. Since then I finished in the top 15 in the Mid-Atlantic Region 15th in 2011 and 11th in 2012. In 2013 and 2014 went to the CrossFit games as part of a team which I both coached/programmed and competed for where we finished in 32nd place and tied for 22nd place. Around 3 months ago I gave Brandon a call to talk about being stuck in kind of a rut w my lifts and my progress. . I have never been able to trust anyone let alone put the control of my programming in someone’s hands. After about a 30 min conversation with him I was drawn to him and his programming because of how passionate he is and how much he cares for all his athletes. For the past 8 weeks my new team FITERNITY and I began following complete athletic performance (CAP) and Brandon’s programming and we all absolutely love it. We have seen so much improvement as a group in such short time and look forward to training each day. An added bonus for me personally is that after 4.5 years of CrossFit I’m still able to set personal bests!

    Mike Abgarian

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