Tuesday, 021616



1st Session  

A. Clean & Jerk – to heavy single in 15 minutes

rest 2 min 

B. EMOM x 10 x 1 rep @88-90% of A 

C. Push Press – climb to heavy triple in 12 minutes 

D. 10 min @80% on bike 

2nd Session

**one thing and one thing only 

A. 500m Row x 8; rest 1:00

**The last of this progression. You have all worked tremendously hard building on these. We KNOW much of this is mental; so today, go to that place. Make these happen! Don’t settle and hit your numbers! 

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, 021616”

  1. AM:
    AMRAP 6
    120′ jog
    10-20 reps of a stationary movement: (jumping jacks, lumges, mountain climbers, butt kicks, etc.) (be creative)
    2 rounds:
    8 Russian Kb swings
    10 box jumps (24/20) step downs
    2 rounds:
    6 kb swings
    8 box jumps (30/24) step downs

    A. C&J heavy single

    B. EMOM x10 @85%
    (Little lighter percentage, rib was bothering me)

    C. Strict press heavy 3 (Kept it strict to be cautious of the rib)

    D. 10 min bike @80%


  2. A. C&J 191# PR, Clean 200# PR finally!!!
    B. Emom done at 169#
    C. Strict Press 100# x2 PR, 108#x1 PR (subbed strict press for push press because knee was sensitive from all the jerks)
    D. Rows
    1:59, 1:58, 1:57, 1:58, 1:58, 1:58, 2:08, 2:03

    1. Yes, yes, yes! SO bummed I missed it but SO happy to wake up to your text/video of it this morning! Proud of you!! Congratulations!

  3. mickey kilmartin

    Week has been little bit hectic but made up some things from monday today and will row and bike tomorrow BC rowers were used by classes all night

    5rm tng power snatch 190 PR
    CJ 310#
    Emotm done 270/265/260/255/250

    Push press 260

    Accessory work done
    Did class workout then rested 2 minutes and did 50 CTB for time (1:54)

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