Thursday, 041416

Regionals training has begun? πŸ™‚

All Phases: 

Active Recovery Day

30-60 in of Low effort aerobic work 

Mobility, Positioning and Foam Rolling 

3 thoughts on “Thursday, 041416”

  1. Corrin Lemieux

    Took Monday off completely so did some things today.

    Front squat 5 X 3 @ 75%
    Bench super set with pendalay rows same weight 65% of max bench 5×5

    Handstand holds 4x 45 seconds

    With 1 60m handstand walks between each set

  2. mickey kilmartin

    50 minute walk with 40# vest
    5×6 depth strict hspu
    Scap work
    Snatch grip strict press 3×5 3 second hold on top
    3×20 weighted sit-up 70#

    Ready for the weekend

  3. Warm up
    1k row
    3 rounds Cindy
    3 rounds
    10 wb + 15 back ext + :30 HS hold

    C&J up to 75k just for weight
    PC + Push jerk working technique
    MU technique work

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