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Above all us—CrossFit and the sport of fitness is fueled by competition and community. Needless to say, we get together as much as possible to ruffle some feathers and stand united. Every Saturday, we gather at CrossFit Free, with as many of our competitors as possible, to throw down on our unified group workout. We banter, laugh, and humble each other when we get to see everyone’s hard work on the floor.

When we can’t meet in person, as many of us work full-time in another arena of life, we support each other through an online Facebook group forum, Powered by Petersen. Our athletes share everything from PRs to training motivation. Members share immediate feedback given their own amount of experience and knowledge, lending a helping skill set from those who shared a similar struggle with the same skill.

Offline, Brandon’s accessibility is one of his greatest attributes. His attention to his phone—although sometimes humorous—provides a forum for his athletes to be in constant contact, propelling constant growth no matter their training hour. He’ll provide quick and immediate feedback through video reviews. He’ll analyze the week’s performance or provide feedback on snapshots of training. And sometimes most importantly, is the life coach we all sometimes need.

In our humble opinion, the fitness community thrives on constant growth and motivation. Without the community and coaching support, you will have hard time reaching your best potential. Join us. Share with us. Just come be with us.

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