Brandon Petersen
Chase Smith
Steve Fluet
Endurance Coach
Mike Molloy


Our team of coaches is first rate.  Each has developed a deep understanding in their area of expertise through their experiences and practiced, tested application. We believe the coach-athlete relationship thrives on constant, open communication. Through open, ongoing dialogue  we can lead our athletes toward their goals.

Our coaches can identify strengths, address weaknesses, and communicate their knowledge and expertise in a way that resonates with their athletes. Our team understands why a movement or skill isn’t being grasped and they have a wealth of expertise to help the athlete achieve it.


We are now the unified brand of Powered by Petersen, LiveFree Weightlifting Club, CrossFit Free, and so much more.


We have a small, professional group of highly-trained programmers who write the competitive programming. Our team of coaches contribute to the development of our programs, but most of the design is written by the founder of Complete Athletic Performance, Brandon Petersen.

CAP is driven to help high-level athletes achieve their goals. Days and hours are dedicated to providing the best coaching, programming, and life-mentoring possible. Since our inception, we’ve coached numerous regional and Games athletes both as individuals and as teams.  Leading these athletes has allowed us to refine the way we conceptualize and implement high-level fitness training.