Friday 121214

Strive for perfection!

A. Snatch + Hang Snatch + OHS 
Every :90 x 10-12 sets climbing in weight- start at 70% ish. Feel it out and climb accordingly. Max isn’t focus , speed is 
B. Power Clean + push Jerk eMOM x 2 reps x 8 min at 65% of clean and jerk max 
C. Front SqT – 3RM @30X0 
100 double unders 
10 muscle ups 
10 thrusters 185/123
1k row 
10 thrusters 
10 muscle ups 
100 double Unders 
B. 4 rds – NFT
15 band scap squeezes
8-10 DB tricep oh extensions (heavy side)
16 alt DB hammer curls 
10 GHD #’d back ext
One Session: 
A. Weightlifting emoms
B. Workout 
C. Accessory if time 

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